Women’s Rights

We believe that women’s rights are human rights, and human rights are women’s rights. We oppose the continued efforts by the Ohio legislature to impose their will on women’s bodies and will veto legislation that seeks to do so. The Kucinich-Samples ticket proposes the following in support of the rights of women:

We’ll fight for equal pay for equal work. Women in the U.S. are paid only 80 cents for every dollar paid to men — and for women of color, that wage disparity is even greater. It’s long past time to close the gap. We must also ensure that women who choose to become pregnant don’t face discrimination at work.

We’ll act to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. We stand in solidarity with the #MeToo movement and all those who speak out against sexual harassment and assault, and will work to cultivate a culture of transparency and accountability in state government so all people feel safe in their workplace.

We’ll work to end the physical and sexual abuse of women. Under our administration, Ohio will be more proactive in responding to and taking measures to stop the cycle of violence.

We’ll fight for paid family and medical leave. The work of caring for children, sick family members, and elderly parents has traditionally been assigned to women, and in practice, women often still perform this labor. This caregiving work, although essential to society, tends to be undervalued and is often either unpaid or underpaid. Workplace policies still fail to account for these obligations and workers with child or eldercare responsibilities often face sex discrimination and harassment, which hinders their advancement in the workforce.

Paid family and medical leave is a right of all people. We will fight for improved access to paid leave for all workers in Ohio.

We support a woman’s right to choose. Roe v. Wade is the long-settled law of the land and we oppose the active and open efforts of some of Ohio’s lawmakers to pass legislation which would give rise to a challenge to Roe in the Supreme Court. This is not what our legislature is for, and we intend to stop this disingenuous abuse of the rights of Ohio women and of the legislative process.

We stand in strong opposition to any new rights being granted to embryos or fetuses or any other proposals that would undermine or eliminate a woman’s right to choose abortion.

We’ll support public funding for abortion. We believe that Medicaid and Medicare should provide coverage for abortion care and birth control, and that all government insurance plans should do the same.

The Ohio Legislature continues to actively attack women’s healthcare rights, and to stigmatize women by titling the chapter of state law pertaining to women’s reproductive health “Offenses against the Family.” We reject this patriarchal model and affirm the right to women to access post-viability abortion care when fetal anomalies are detected or when a woman’s health is at risk, including her mental health. Our current state of law requires women who find themselves in such a situation to turn to out-of-state providers, and this is untenable.

We’ll fight attempts to legislate or regulate abortion providers out of practice. Those who seek and provide care at clinics providing reproductive health services are entitled to a safe workplace that is free from harassment, threats, and violence.

We’ll make reproductive health information and services accessible to everyone who needs them. Laws and regulations requiring parental notification or consent for young women under the age 18 who access abortion or contraception are burdensome and unnecessary, and we will oppose them.

We believe young people need both sex education and access to information and birth control, and that it must be provided without restriction or shaming.