RSVP for volunteer orientation 2-9-18 at 9:00pm EST

We are delighted that you are joining us as we build our grassroots network to restore #PowerToWeThePeople of Ohio and beyond! Our goal is to elect a great progressive team, Dennis Kucinich and Tara L. Samples. At the same time, we want to build skills, excitement, networks, and voter turnout that will benefit down ballot progressives in elections all across the state of Ohio, promote social, racial, economic, and environmental justice – and have fun while doing it.

We know that 2020 will be an interesting year for the presidential election. What some of us may not have considered is how critical the next 93 days are in this election, the election of other progressives this year and beyond, and in 2020. As Ohio goes, so goes the nation – and if we can show the world on Tuesday, May 8th that we are ready to choose progressive policies that benefit people instead of corporations – and that we will show up and do the work – we will be the first in a cascade of true victories restoring our democracy. We can do this if we stand together!

Please register here to join us for our first weekly volunteer orientation video conference call (you can join by phone, desktop, or app) this coming Thursday, February 8, at 9:00pm EST. Don’t worry if you can’t make it this time; we will have a recording available and regular calls. Take a look at our Volunteer Code of Conduct so you can get an idea of the kind of culture we want to cultivate, the standards we want to hold each other accountable to. As with our platform, it’s a living document – incomplete without your input – so please SPEAK UP!

We’re also building distributed teams that do a lot of our organizing on a group chat application called Slack. If you’re interested in learning more about those teams and remote support roles, fill out this form to schedule a follow-up conversation and get an invite to our Slack.

We will be deploying our phonebanking, texting, and canvassing tools in the very near future, so watch for more details! We are excited to be a part of this with you, to join you in this critical work. We look forward to getting to know you, learning from you, growing together, and learning together.