Ohio Public Transportation

Public transit systems are struggling with increased fares, and cuts in service. The transit-dependent population will have a friend in the governor’s office. We will work with local communities to help stabilize public transportation budgets and ensure fares are affordable, service and route miles guaranteed, for those who rely on public transportation to get to school, work, shopping or health care. Supporting public transportation means: Power to We the People.

Ohio High Speed Rail

I intend to begin the most ambitious transportation network building program anywhere. It is long past time for Ohio to set a course for high speed rail which connects our cities, moves commerce, encourages tourism, saves energy, creates jobs and enables us to connect with other states. High speed rail means: Power to We the People.

Ohio’s Airports and Harbors

Major airlines have handicapped our state’s economy by limiting routes and schedules. I intend to use the power of the governor’s office to help cities negotiate a new deal with the airlines, as a matter of top priority for Ohio businesses. Ohio will once again become a prime destination, not a stopover. Our harbors and ports are vital to Ohio commerce. There are nine ports on Lake Erie and 16 terminals along the Ohio River. Ohio is the 4th largest maritime state by tonnage moved. We will invest in our ports and harbors, rebuild them and expand their operations. Fully utilized airports and harbors means: Power to We the People.