The Issues

The Economy

Rebuilding Ohio I have been calling for the renewal of America’s infrastructure for decades. America has been relying on an infrastructure built during the 1930s under the Presidency of Franklin Roosevelt. That was the New Deal and it was good. It’s time in Ohio for a Real Deal. As Governor of Ohio I will lead

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Health Care

Health Care Ohio Health Care. In this campaign I will convene all parties to bring forward a comprehensive plan, to provide every Ohioan with access to affordable, low-cost, basic medical, mental health, dental, and prescription drug care, with a new emphasis on regenerative health care, disease prevention, diet and complementary therapies. We must address drug

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Education and the Arts

Local Control of Public Education (click here to see the detailed plan) Ohio Student Loans The default rate for students ten years ago was about 40%. Then students were borrowing only one-third of what they are borrowing today, when the default rate approaches 50%. Perhaps as many as 800,000 young Ohioans are facing default on

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Criminal Justice

Watch for transformative criminal justice policy platform update 2/15/18. Ohio Criminal Justice We must break the prison-industrial complex and stop the waste of hundreds of millions of dollars to warehouse low-level violators. The wasting of taxpayers’ money for the incarceration of non-violent offenders must stop. We should be filling up our schools, not our jails. A

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Energy and Water

Clean Ohio Water, Air and Land As governor, I will make it a priority to safeguard the purity of our water, our lakes, our rivers and streams. I will incentivize non-polluting industries, and work to have the highest air quality standards of any state. I will soon announce a program to protect the land and

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Ohio Public Transportation Public transit systems are struggling with increased fares, and cuts in service. The transit-dependent population will have a friend in the governor’s office. We will work with local communities to help stabilize public transportation budgets and ensure fares are affordable, service and route miles guaranteed, for those who rely on public transportation

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Local Government

Ohio’s Local Governments State government has deprived cities of anticipated revenue causing cutbacks in public health and safety. As a former councilman and Mayor, I understand the revenue needs of local communities. I intend to reverse the policy and restore the relationship between local communities and state government. Stronger local governments mean: Power to We

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Political Reforms

Ohio Workers’ Rights We must establish once and for all, as a moral and political imperative, the rights of workers. The right to join a union. The right to organize. The right to strike. The right to decent wages and benefits. The right to a safe workplace. The right to participate in the political process.

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