Regenerate Ohio

Rebuilding Ohio

I have been calling for the renewal of America’s infrastructure for decades. America has been relying on an infrastructure built during the 1930s under the Presidency of Franklin Roosevelt. That was the New Deal and it was good. It’s time in Ohio for a Real Deal. As Governor of Ohio I will lead the way. We will work with business, industry, labor, city leaders and community organizations to repair, rebuild and renew Ohio’s infrastructure. We will put Ohioans back to work rebuilding Ohio. We will create good paying, Davis-Bacon jobs for skilled trades. We will renew and rebuild our roads, our bridges, our water systems, our sewer systems, our parks, our recreation areas. Jobs, good wages, economic progress, business investment, Ohio will be the place to visit, to locate to, to live and to do business. Rebuilding Ohio and creating jobs means: Power to We the People.

Ohio Broadband

We have growing broadband monopolies which threaten the economic growth of our state and widens the digital divide. Ohio will answer the call of the 21st century. I will soon announce a plan, working with digital, utility and consumer advocates to establish a not-for-profit public utility in Ohio, a new broadband service which will dramatically reduce the cost of broadband, provide a powerful high-speed platform for business growth while establishing net neutrality. Ohio Broadband means: Power to We the People.

Ohio Business

Ohio will invest in infrastructure, health care, education, broadband and other areas to enable Ohio businesses to thrive. I want to create a high profit, high wage, socially productive and economically dynamic state with the help of Ohio’s business leaders and I will call on them to participate in this effort. We can no longer look to yesterday’s ideological battles as guides to our future. We must all be open to creating new alliances, new partnership, new forums, and new possibilities. I will seek out the advice of Ohio’s business leaders and America’s visionaries and leading innovators. Growing Ohio’s economy means: Power to We the People.

Ohio, High Skill, High Wage and Profitable

Ohio recently increased its minimum wage to $8.30. My goal will be to see the minimum wage in Ohio increased 50% to $12.50 by the end of my first term at latest, and to $15.00 as soon as possible. We will fight for $15. Ohio must strive to have a high skill, high wage and profitable economy. Higher wages mean: Power to We the People.

Ohio’s Farmers

Agriculture is the foundation of a healthy economy. Farmers are the backbone of human health and our environmental stewards. We will engage farmers in an inclusive opportunity to increase their bottom line. Ohio’s farmers will have a friend in the Governor’s office. In the coming weeks. I will announce an unprecedented plan to bring together farmers, scientists and our university talent to will enable Ohio’s farmers to profit from ecologically-friendly farming so that they can grow wholesome, nutritious, healthy food which will strengthen Ohio’s position as a leading agricultural export state. Regenerative agriculture is the path to carbon sequestration and restoration of our global climate. Regenerative agricultural practices will mean that farmers can reduce expenditures on agricultural input, help boost soil health, reduce exposure to chemicals, limit damaging nutrient runoff into the lake, improving our ability to provide clean drinking water. Ohio’s farmers will be compensated for being on the front lines of climate mitigation. We will also explore removing barriers to growing industrial hemp. Prosperous farmers mean: Power to We the People.

Ohio Consumer Protection

In 1972, I was instrumental in creating the Cleveland Office of Consumer Affairs, which still exists today. While the federal Administration moves to gut consumer protection, we will restore it in Ohio. Under my leadership the state will create the Ohio Office of Consumer Protection, an accessible, transparent and statutorily independent “one stop shop” to protect the financial interests of Ohio consumers and legitimate businesses alike. Ohio Consumer Protection means: Power to We the People.