Syria, Russia, and the US

Kucinich continues to challenge Trump Administration on Syria

April 14, 2018


Dennis Kucinich, Democratic candidate for Governor of Ohio, continued his challenge to the Trump Administration’s missile attack on Syria, saying that it “puts the US on a path of military escalation with Russia, which opens wide the possibility of further miscalculations, errors or accidents that can ignite a world war.

“This is a classic ‘March of Folly,’ ” Kucinich said, invoking the work of historian Barbara Tuchman, who surveyed strategic errors in history that led to the destruction of nations.

“It is fair to ask whether or not a ‘chemical weapons’ depot was actually targeted and/or hit, since a bombing attack on any chemicals weapons facility would quite likely disperse toxic materials into the atmosphere, killing or injuring innocent civilians, who supposedly are those in whose name we act.

“There was clearly no mature risk assessment of the pre-emptive attack. It seems driven more by emotions and politics than by strategic or national security considerations,” Kucinich said.

“Certainly, the culprits responsible for the gas attack on Douma need to be identified and brought to justice. But last night’s missile strike occurs as a violation of international law at precisely the time when international law must be enforced on behalf of the victims of Douma,” Kucinich said. “It is noteworthy that those responsible for the gas attack have yet to be identified. We are not free to bomb in retaliation based on suspicion. It’s a daft way to use the US military, particularly when we have troops in the region.

“Meanwhile, as official Washington sees no problem with spending hundreds of millions of dollars in attacks of dubious value, America’s infrastructure is falling apart. We could replace the Western Hills Viaduct in Cincinnati, Ohio for the approximate cost of this illicit military dalliance.

“When leaders take more interest in blowing things up in other countries than they do in building things up in their own country, you know they have lost their way,” Kucinich said.

Kucinich again called for a diplomatic solution in Syria. “Any attempt to impose a military solution will result in wider war and the deaths of even greater numbers of innocents,” he said. “Missile attacks are a confession of ineptitude.”

Kucinich, as a member of Congress, was involved in every major debate and discussion involving international policy, war and national security during his 16 years there. He has been credited with correctly analyzing the intelligence defects in the calls for war against Iraq and Libya, leading the efforts to exit Afghanistan and avoid war against Iran, and ending attacks on Serbia and other nations. He is the recipient of many peace awards for his efforts.

The Washington Post Magazine has just published a cover story on Kucinich’s prescience on a number of matters vital to America’s future.