Political Reforms

Ohio Workers’ Rights

We must establish once and for all, as a moral and political imperative, the rights of workers. The right to join a union. The right to organize. The right to strike. The right to decent wages and benefits. The right to a safe workplace. The right to participate in the political process. The right to a secure retirement. I have upheld these rights for generations of workers. Under my leadership no outside interest would dare bring forth the contemptuously named Right-to-Work laws which aim at destroying workers organizations. It was not predatory monopolies which made America great, but the control of those forces and collective bargaining. Skilled labor can out-perform slave labor and Ohio will become a showplace to do it. Ohio workers’ rights means: Power to We the People.

Public Financing of Ohio Elections

Our government is held captive by special interest groups and dark money which buys public policy with campaign contributions. I intend to lead the way to public financing of state elections. We will enable public officials to reclaim their civic souls and truly represent the people who elected them. Public financing of Ohio Elections means: Power to We the People.

Ending Gerrymandering of Public Elections

If anyone knows the injustice of the current redistricting system, it is the people of the former 10th congressional district, which I was proud to represent for 16 years, until internal democratic party politics sliced it up into four pieces. Today state politicians once again would deny the people any voice in the mapping of congressional districts. As Governor I will assure that redistricting is fair and equitable to all, without regard to political party. Gerrymandering robs the people of their votes, their rights, and their power. Ending Gerrymandering means: Power to We the People.

Volunteer Ohio

We will establish an Ohio Helps program where people from all walks of life will be able to use their skills to volunteer, to serve, to enrich their lives in giving to others, to lend a helping hand in a friendly, Ohio way. Ohio Helps will tap the extraordinary human resources of this state to match those citizens who are ready to give of themselves with those in need. Encouraging Volunteerism means: Power to We the People.