We’re officially off to the races

In the deep of Ohio’s cold winter, nearly one hundred hardy and dedicated Ohioans circulated petitions for Tara Samples and I to qualify for the 2018 May 8, Democratic Primary ballot for Governor and Lt. Governor.  As with the US Postal Service, “neither rain, nor snow, nor dark of night” kept our highly motivated volunteers from their appointed rounds.  In an inspired effort, they gathered over 3,600 signatures, at least 3,000 of which were collected in less than a week and filed yesterday to make our candidacies official.

Filing petitions at Ohio Secretary of State L-R: Tara, Dennis, Elizabeth
Tara and Dennis look on as Elizabeth Kucinich pays the filing fee

I am running for Governor of Ohio, not for myself, but for all of us. Ohio is THE pivotal state in 2018.  Everything we care about is at stake here. Health care for all, rescuing public education, protecting our water and air by stopping fracking and deep injection wells, breaking the headlock corrupt interests have on the Democratic party, returning #PowerToWeThePeople.

I’m running inside the Democratic Party to make it real, to show that the party must respond to the imperatives of diversity and inclusion.  Spirit, passion, energy and interconnectedness drives our campaign. We need only YOU, because you give us the ability to transform Ohio’s government and make it relevant to our heartfelt aspirations.

Just as Tara Samples and I depended upon dedicated circulators to get on the ballot, we depend upon you and your friends to provide the financial support to help us win. The first phase of our campaign has been an extraordinary success.

Please donate to help us continue the momentum into the May 8th Democratic Primary and beyond. 

We are standing at the threshold of a dramatic transformation of the Democratic Party in Ohio. Every one of us understands what that means. Please join us in this historic effort.

Thank you so much!

Dennis Kucinich and Tara L. Samples