Kucinich stands up for Ohio manufacturing jobs on national TV

CINCINNATI –The proposed federal tariffs on imported steel and aluminum are a long- overdue step to protect manufacturing jobs in Ohio and nationally and to “put the brakes on“ foreign-dumping that has inflicted serious economic damage on the industrial economy here in the state.

So said former Congressman and Ohio Democratic gubernatorial candidate Dennis Kucinich in a nationally televised interview this morning.

“We’ve ended up being the suckers of the world in the name of free trade,” said Kucinich, who was invited to discuss the tariff issue on the Fox News Channel. As a Congressman, he testified before the International Trade Commission to protest foreign interests’ dumping cheap, below-cost steel in the U.S.

“Jobs are being lost, especially jobs in Ohio are being lost,” said Kucinich, who pointed to the crushing impact that unfair trade agreements have had on some Ohio cities, notably Youngstown. Directly and indirectly, the steel industry in the state accounts for about 100,000 jobs and more than $7 billion in economic impact annually.

“It’s time we stood up for manufacturing in America,” Kucinich said. “We’re talking about rebuilding America’s infrastructure. We should be doing that with American steel.”

He pointed out that U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown is among Ohio leaders who support the tariff proposal. “This is a big deal in Ohio,” said Kucinich. “Everyone who represents Ohio understands that, whether they’re Democrat or Republican.”