Energy and Water

Clean Ohio Water, Air and Land

As governor, I will make it a priority to safeguard the purity of our water, our lakes, our rivers and streams. I will incentivize non-polluting industries, and work to have the highest air quality standards of any state. I will soon announce a program to protect the land and the water from the exploitation of fracking. Protecting the Environment means: Power to We the People.

Our Lake Erie

The greatest threats to Lake Erie are agricultural runoff, algae blooms, the threat of bulk removal of water and the urgent need to assure the isolation from the biosphere of nuclear waste on US and Canadian shores. Lake Erie is part of a chain of lakes constituting the largest supply of fresh water in the world. In concert with environmentalists, conservationists, and those who fish and use the lake for recreation, I will present my plan to deal with protecting and conserving the natural resource of Lake Erie. Protecting our source of drinking water means: Power to We the People.

Our Clean Energy

The State of Ohio will seek a new partnership with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, and our colleges and universities to create an Ohio technology incubator for the development of new energy sources and applications which will enable Ohio to take the lead in cutting edge energy technology, while furthering the emerging wind and solar industries. Clean energy means: Power to We the People.