Education and the Arts

Local Control of Public Education (click here to see the detailed plan)

Ohio Student Loans

The default rate for students ten years ago was about 40%. Then students were borrowing only one-third of what they are borrowing today, when the default rate approaches 50%. Perhaps as many as 800,000 young Ohioans are facing default on their student loans.  Ohio is one of the most expensive states from where a student can receive a college education.  Ohio currently ranks the 16th highest in college student loan debt. We will develop an innovative program to help young Ohioans get out from under the mountain of debt in which many are buried. Protecting the financial future of young Ohioans means: Power to We the people.

Ohio Elementary and Secondary Education

Public education is in a state of continual financial crisis. The state legislature has not kept its responsibility to establish and to finance a thorough and efficient system of public education, mandated by the DeRolph court decision. Worse, Ohio public schools lose more than a billion dollars a year to charters run by for-profit operators, without local taxpayers having any say. This has resulted in cutbacks in teachers, staff, athletic programs, arts, drama, band and other important school programs. It is time for a new direction in public education where we preserve public educational funds and we enable communities to vote whether they want local tax dollars to go to charter schools that partner with our public schools. We also need to understand the underlying dissatisfaction with public schools and address these issues to restore public confidence in public education. We must determine the best practices of charters which can be applied to public education. I will soon announce a state-wide initiative, working with teachers, parents, students and educational advocates, to protect public educational funding. Saving public education means: Power to We the People.

Ohio Arts

Ohio is already blessed with tremendous institutions in the arts, poetry, literature, music, dance, dramatics, appreciation of diverse cultures, computer graphics and motion pictures. I intend to bring forward initiatives to enable the artists of this state to thrive, to make Ohio a center for creativity in the arts, a center for film production, a place of fun, festival and celebration. Supporting Ohio Arts means: Power to We the People.

Peaceful Ohio Communities

I will endeavor to bring a healing hand to this state so that we can address violence and its causes. Two months before 911, I brought to Congress landmark legislation which would teach respect and mutuality in our schools to strengthen our children to have the fortitude to successfully integrate nonviolent responses into their daily lives. Violence is not inevitable. It is a learned response. We have the economic, academic, social, medical and spiritual resources in this state to begin the transformation to a healthy, peaceful society. I will enlist the help of ministers, social workers, medical personnel and the media in beginning a dynamic, comprehensive approach to violence. Peaceful Ohio communities means: Power to We the People.