Dennis Kucinich For Ohio

Mr. Dennis Kucinich has emerged as a candidate for the Democratic Nomination for Governor of the State of Ohio. His ability to attract people from across the political spectrum has been seen as the key to his success. It is the hope of his supporters that his candidacy is a rallying cry for working people, progressives, people of color and young voters. It is also their hope that his candidacy will renew and ignite the Ohio Democratic Party.

Mr. Kucunich was elected to Cleveland City Council at the age of 23, later catapulting into the Mayor’s office as an independent candidate. Mr. Kucunich was later elected to the Ohio Senate and then to the United States Congress. Mr. Kucunich is also a former U.S representative from Ohio as well as a former candidate for the Democratic Nomination for the President of the United States.

Mr. Kucinich’s life has been the story of success through persistence while defying the odds. It has been said that he has a penchant for beating the odds. His proclivity to do so, has made him a…

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