Criminal Justice

Watch for transformative criminal justice policy platform update 2/15/18.

Ohio Criminal Justice

We must break the prison-industrial complex and stop the waste of hundreds of millions of dollars to warehouse low-level violators. The wasting of taxpayers’ money for the incarceration of non-violent offenders must stop. We should be filling up our schools, not our jails. A renewed emphasis on rehabilitation and restitution is mandatory. We must offer non-violent offenders reasonable and appropriate opportunities to rejoin society, to find jobs, get an education and become full, productive citizens with the right to vote. Those who have paid their debt to society should not have to continue to pay over and over. Successful rehabilitation means: Power to We the People.

Ohio Drug Policies

The Cleveland VA Hospital has developed an innovative protocol for dealing with the opioid epidemic, which emphasizes a multi-disciplinary approach to pain management. We can learn from this program and Ohio must fund broader long-term treatment and insist that insurance companies do the same. Bringing people back from the edge of destruction from dangerous drugs means: Power to We the People.

Medical Marijuana

Ohio will protect its constitutional right to dispense medical marijuana. We will broaden the conversation towards decriminalization, legalization and licensing to provide hundreds of millions of dollars in increased revenues to the state, to help pay for our expanded health programs. With the help of our congressional delegation we will make necessary changes in federal policy. New drug policies mean: Power to We the People.

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