Civil rights action possible to keep Good Samaritan open


February 11, 2018


DAYTON — The growing community-based movement to stop the closing of Good Samaritan Hospital here received a powerful strategic and emotional boost as Democratic gubernatorial candidate Dennis Kucinich told hundreds of cheering residents that a federal civil rights action is being considered by attorneys reviewing the case.

Addressing a fired up crowd at St. Luke’s Missionary Baptist Church tonight, Kucinich, who has been invited by local pastors to assist the local community in finding a way to keep the hospital open, drew a roaring standing ovation when he told the audience that “the pastors here have the power to re-ignite a civil rights movement over the issue of access to health care.”

“You can move mountains,” Kucinich said, pointing to the fact that the planned hospital closing, recently considered to be a fait accompli, is now facing formidable opposition from residents, religious and community leaders, and employees. “People said it was over,” he noted, “but it is not over.”

Kucinich, a former Congressman, said he has been consulting with a major law firm in Washington D.C., and the preliminary review suggests the possibility of “a federal civil rights action.”

Access to healthcare, he said, “is a right. People have a right to community hospitals that they can call their own.”

Kucinich has fought the closing of community hospitals elsewhere in Ohio, most recently in Massillon. He promised to continue working with the pastors and other community leaders in Dayton to build even more support for keeping the hospital open.